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We create immersive customer experiences for brands worldwide.

​We believe in the power of music and creative media to bridge consumers, countries and cultures. We believe that engagement, commerce, and loyalty are driven by emotional connections.

PlayNetwork is dedicated to helping clients create and deepen these bonds through exceptional brand storytelling.

In 1996, PlayNetwork began with custom in-store music. Today, PlayNetwork is the leading innovator of branded customer experiences. They are a global provider of creative strategy, original content, and creative media. Why choose PlayNetwork? The answer is simple! Digital innovation, software development, audio/visual systems engineering & integration, in-store and on-hold messaging, advertising networks, and support. The result? breakthrough, omni-channel experiences spanning a range of industries.

The PlayNetwork footprint: 350+ brands, 85,000+ locations, 110+ countries. 100+ million people touched every day.

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