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The Insight Track® timing solution provides real-time visibility into drive-thru performance. The Insight Track application monitors and displays detailed vehicle timing information on any connected display to optimize any restaurant drive-thru’s speed-of-service. The solution delivers an instantaneous view into critical performance metrics and bottlenecks so the crew can maximize labor efficiency, improve throughput, and increase profitability in the drive-thru.

Real-Time Data
The Insight Track system presents drive thru speed-of-service data in real-time on easy-to-read LCD screens within the restaurant or via a standard web browser from any remote location. The software can be configured to display data in graphics and/or text by daypart, shift, or store hours.


Maximize labor efficiency

Improve customer satisfaction

Increase sales and profits

Increase market share

Improved drive thru service times

Maximize labor efficiency

Market leading timer solution, since 1990

Multi-lane configurations

In-store dashboard and remote monitoring on any device

Focus crew on major operational bottle necks

View reports remotely with cloud-based access to every restaurant

Data analytics and reporting

Integrates seamlessly with other Insight® components