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Go With The Right Choice The First Time!

Is your order confirmation display holding back the efficiency of your drive-thru? Are you watching profits drive off the lot? Tired of downtime and need to make sure your drive-thru delivers more vehicles through the system faster and more profitably? If so, we can help.

HyperActive Technologies wrote the book on endurance when it comes to the highest performing order confirmation displays. That’s why more and more quick-service restaurant (QSR) operators are looking to HyperActive Technologies to deliver the class-leading HyperView® order confirmation display to make sure their drive-thru systems perform flawlessly every time, all the time.

HyperView® is the most reliable order confirmation system that delivers the longest life and the lowest total cost of operation versus any order confirmation display on the market. No other order confirmation display is brighter and able to operate in the must rugged environmental conditions.

HyperActive Technologies’ HyperView® order confirmation display is not just highly reliable, it is the most reliable:

Get real-time order information to customers and provide them with the ability to visually confirm their own order.

Simple Installation

HyperView order confirmation displays can be easily integrated into a variety of mounting configurations, including stand-alone speaker posts, existing pedestals (including competitors), canopies, menu boards, and pre-sell displays.

How Low Can You Go?
HyperView delivers the lowest cost of ownership of any order confirmation display in the quick-service restaurant industry and, at the same time, has the lowest failure rate of any order confirmation system in the world, and is backed by a five-year advanced exchange warranty.

Optically Bonded Display

The HyperView order confirmation display optically bonds the coverglass to the LCD to eliminate the reflection caused by any gap between the LCD and the coverglass. We’re the only company to do this because our customers know optical bonding provides a dramatic improvement in visual quality. Also, HyperView is backed by a lifetime warranty on the order confirmation display seal. The optically bonded display is rated to be sunlight readable for more than eight years.

Certified to Perform
HyperActive Technologies was the first technology company in the quick-service restaurant industry to be field-testing to ensure its HyperView order confirmation display out-performed any other order confirmation system anywhere. HyperView was the first order confirmation display to carry NEMA 4 Certification, making it perfect for rugged outdoor conditions without the need for additional heating or cooling. And, it is renowned for its reliability and continuous performance in harsh environmental conditions, including temperatures ranging from -40°F to +176°F.

Be “Nit”picky About Your OCD
In lighting terminology, a “nit,” is a unit of visible-light intensity used to specify the brightness of a screen or display. In the drive-thru world, it’s a measure of brightness, and it adds your customers’ experience in your drive-thru. The HyperView order confirmation display has a lot of nits – more than any other unit on the market. The HyperView order confirmation display is bright – really bright – even during the sunniest part of the day, so your food looks as good on-screen as it does in real life. The HyperView’s backlight is rated at 100,000 hours, the industry’s highest performance.

The Eco-Choice

The HyperView Order Confirmation System is mercury-free, and is perfect for brands seeking to incorporate the order confirmation display into their overall environmental programs.

Get Sales Moving
Help increase the drive-thru order ticket average, and drive sales by harnessing HyperView’s visual cross-selling and up-selling capabilities.

Leading Warranty
If your HyperView ever needs service, you want HyperActive Technologies in your corner. It is covered by a five-year extended warranty with advanced exchange. If the need arises, parts and replacement products are available within a few days instead of the traditional weeks it takes other companies in the quick-service restaurant industry to respond. Comprehensive product advancements are provided as part of an annual support and maintenance program. Contact DTP today for equipment leasing and special financing options.