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Fast Track Timers by Delphi Display Systems provide the critical information needed, in real-time, to optimize the speed-of-service for drive thru operations. The Fast Track solution displays detailed vehicle timing information on high resolution in-store dashboard displays for an instantaneous view into critical performance metrics. The Fast Track timer enables managers and crew members to have the information needed to improve throughput and increase profitability in the drive-thru.

Maximize labor efficiency

Improve customer satisfaction

Increase sales and profits

Increase market share

Real-Time DataThe Fast Track system presents drive thru speed-of-service data in real-time on easy-to-read LCD screens within the restaurant. The software can be configured to display data in graphics and/or text by daypart, shift, or store hours. The Fast Track solution provides multi-color graphs and visual indicators of when goals have been exceeded to maximize performance. With the Fast Track timer, store managers can display percentage of goals, and show average services times and other key performance metrics to motivate and reward teams on results.

The Fast Track timer has a number of preconfigured performance reports, and store operators can produce custom reports with speed-of-service information by day part, shift, day, or hour.

Customizable Dashboard
With 12 user-friendly templates available, it’s easy to customize the displays onsite. In just a few simple clicks of a mouse, the store manager can see the information necessary to gauge crew performance. By installing a display in the kitchen and manager’s office, everyone can see how long it takes for each car to get through the drive-thru.

Improved drive thru service times

Market leading timer solution, since 1990

In-store dashboard

Maximize labor efficiency

Multi-lane configurations

Data analytics and reporting